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  1. Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw
    7 päeva tagasi

  2. TheKaisarwilhelm
    7 päeva tagasi

    Tyler, you have to be careful how you say Euro-Nation. You keep saying Urination Bob.

  3. Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller
    12 päeva tagasi

    I'm sorry. I kinda giggle when you say Euro-nation Bob. Euro-nation runs together. The o in euro sounds more like an i.

  4. F L R S H
    F L R S H
    13 päeva tagasi


  5. Peter Sargeant
    Peter Sargeant
    15 päeva tagasi

    Sprites/midgets are made to fit only hobbits with tiny feet.

  6. P51 Mustang
    P51 Mustang
    17 päeva tagasi

    Please don’t slap the roof with your wedding ring on…..🤦‍♂️

  7. Barrie Griffiths
    Barrie Griffiths
    17 päeva tagasi

    Urination Bob? How did he get that name???

  8. ultramaximus
    20 päeva tagasi

    I feel like you JUST got that woody and that truck and you already sold it? Why do you keep calling him Urination Bob?

  9. Ken Ferguson
    Ken Ferguson
    20 päeva tagasi

    Urination Bob… Really, you need to slow down when you say his name. 😆

  10. Ian Former
    Ian Former
    20 päeva tagasi

    My Mom and Dad had one the year my bother was born (1967).. he rode in the little Cubby and would kick it out of gear.. I would love to be able to give Mom the joy of a ride in one of those again.. she is 80 now.. we almost lost her last month

  11. Brandon Knight
    Brandon Knight
    21 päev tagasi

    Wtf i feel cheated? Title led me to believe id see your cars at aution wtf

  12. Joshua Risker
    Joshua Risker
    21 päev tagasi

    Bob is annoying....sorry bob your probably a cool dude but have you ever just heard someone's voice an instantly aggervated at them....this is bob

  13. cole christians
    cole christians
    22 päeva tagasi

    If I had that car I wouldn't drive it on Seneca haha

  14. Daryl Ritchie
    Daryl Ritchie
    22 päeva tagasi

    Hoovie found his twin

  15. Trading Card Emporium (TCE)
    Trading Card Emporium (TCE)
    22 päeva tagasi

    *Tyler drives a camry* This is the best thing ever! I got to have it!

  16. NoCap 757
    NoCap 757
    22 päeva tagasi

    Easy ‼😭

  17. Koen Jonker
    Koen Jonker
    23 päeva tagasi

    The best car for fun

  18. ItsAlwaysRusty
    23 päeva tagasi

    Must be nice to have money....

  19. snibeti snab-xD
    snibeti snab-xD
    24 päeva tagasi


  20. Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala
    24 päeva tagasi

    I've never had more fun in a car than in my ´72 Alfasud with all the 70 hp. Light cars that you can rev out are just pure joy.

  21. Kimmy
    24 päeva tagasi

    Omg best video ever

  22. pavchito1
    24 päeva tagasi

    Bob is a great guy with great character! Have him more on the channel!

  23. CrewmanDerek
    26 päeva tagasi

    You can keep it. 10min later: I need this 😂

  24. Jake from State Farm
    Jake from State Farm
    26 päeva tagasi

    “It was more fun to build that car”. I didn’t realize that he built it, thought he just paid a guy to sort it out.

  25. Gabriel Mendez
    Gabriel Mendez
    26 päeva tagasi

    That is a very nice Porsche.

  26. Christopher Baldwin
    Christopher Baldwin
    26 päeva tagasi

    I think that was my dad’s old car. I’d love to have Hoovie message me about the history of the BES.

  27. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith
    27 päeva tagasi

    If he is afraid in that better not ride in the big block cobra. Let's see it next video please

  28. shake jones
    shake jones
    27 päeva tagasi

    Cool & knowledgable bloke that Mr Bob! great video guys, thanks for sharing!

  29. Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews
    Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews
    28 päeva tagasi

    Urination Bob’s nickname should be pissy Robert LOL

  30. D. C.
    D. C.
    28 päeva tagasi

    They are the coolest little car, like a cartoon come to life.

  31. andy530i
    28 päeva tagasi

    Replace the engine with a 1275 GT from a period Mini Cooper, and keep the original engine.

  32. Kevin Smokorowski
    Kevin Smokorowski
    28 päeva tagasi

    My Dad had a 59 Mk1 “Bugeye” Sprite when I was a kid. Lots of cool memories in that car as a kid.

  33. Patrick H
    Patrick H
    29 päeva tagasi

    Vote all demoRat left wingnuts out! ASAP! Vote all demoRat left wingnuts out! ASAP! Veteran-U.S. NAVY SEABEE!

  34. Ren
    29 päeva tagasi

    I would have just kept your clean NA Miata.

  35. Eric Glover
    Eric Glover
    Місяць tagasi

    I will never not get a thrill at seeing my hometown in the background of these videos.

  36. James Eyman
    James Eyman
    Місяць tagasi

    I LOVE that mustard yellow and white square body that's in the background!

  37. Sir LandYacht
    Sir LandYacht
    Місяць tagasi Tyler, check out this guy's pitch for a Country Squire!

  38. Joe B
    Joe B
    Місяць tagasi

    Loved my 1960 bugeye. So much fun. Terrible on hills, stopping, don't get the Lucas wet, bolt in windows, snap on top, smell like oil when done, perfect when you take that corner at full speed. Like those gas cars at the amusement park but no center steering rail. Seriously probably the same horsepower lol.

  39. Laura Langford
    Laura Langford
    Місяць tagasi

    "Little Bugger"? Do you Americans know what bugger even means?

  40. 12gark
    Місяць tagasi

    Respect for an American guy with a Delta HF in his collection

  41. Big Bull
    Big Bull
    Місяць tagasi

    You now have two of my favourite cars, the 67 vette and the sprite. If you show up with an Escort MkI, I'm done.

  42. Matt Liebau
    Matt Liebau
    Місяць tagasi

    When you bring this home you're gonna get one of two reactions from your wife 1. "You spent how much on this stupid thing?! 🤦‍♀️" 2. "Oh my God that so cute you gotta take me for a ride!!😃" My wife is the first btw.

  43. Bill Taggart
    Bill Taggart
    Місяць tagasi

    Driving a slow car fast is more fun than driving a fast car slow.

  44. TheMowogman
    Місяць tagasi

    Put a 1275 engine in it. Or even look at the BMW K1200 twin cam conversion for the A Series. Either option will create a very quick little car

    Місяць tagasi

    So I guess no Supra?

  46. Simon Zebu
    Simon Zebu
    Місяць tagasi

    Hey Tyler, thought you might be interested to see this article...

  47. The Forsaken One
    The Forsaken One
    Місяць tagasi

    Bleeeeeepppp! Congratulations Hoovie!

  48. Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor
    Місяць tagasi

    How come the ‘bug eye’ is up for sale on Euro Asian Bob’s website?

  49. Feldon S
    Feldon S
    Місяць tagasi

    If you put the later 1970's Austin Healey Sprite (BMC Mini Cooper S ) engine in it( a 1275cc) it would actually be speedy. Then revert to 948 cc when you sell it to keep it stock!

  50. Nate Ayers
    Nate Ayers
    Місяць tagasi

    LS swap!

  51. S.N.F.N LuckyFetus
    S.N.F.N LuckyFetus
    Місяць tagasi

    Drop a K in that cutie

  52. Alexander De Santis
    Alexander De Santis
    Місяць tagasi

    That is an adorable little car.

  53. Les Klower
    Les Klower
    Місяць tagasi

    At least hoovie bought a decent car from the golden age of motoring a bug eyed sprite whats next a sunbeam tiger

  54. Salman Shami
    Salman Shami
    Місяць tagasi

    Why is your friend's name Urination Bob? Does he have a weak bladder?

  55. cheeser109
    Місяць tagasi

    Wow u should some personal items. Do we really need a video on this... I miss the good old days

  56. Daniel Paulson
    Daniel Paulson
    Місяць tagasi

    Austin Healey Sprite is a fabulous little car.

  57. Ad B
    Ad B
    Місяць tagasi

    when are you going to introduce your other friend feces jack?

  58. CAYMAN987
    Місяць tagasi

    Tyler wants to LS swap a 356 speedster .. thats not good.

  59. Callum Bush
    Callum Bush
    Місяць tagasi

    Urination Bob always finds nice automobiles.

  60. John Bowlzer
    John Bowlzer
    Місяць tagasi

    Your face said it all when you were driving the frog, you looked like you were having more fun in the frog than the Porsche

  61. Your Favorite Person
    Your Favorite Person
    Місяць tagasi

    Love the Beetlejuice reference! Lol

  62. Ken Not Cat
    Ken Not Cat
    Місяць tagasi

    With condition that was a good buy at 20k. I don’t think it will cost much to maintain. It’s cost to fun ratio is a remarkable. My friend had a Honda egg (cvcc) around 84 and it was slow but we drove the snot out of it.

  63. David Offord
    David Offord
    Місяць tagasi

    Euroasian Bob is a super guy. And, ALL of his cars . . . are Super Cars!

  64. Molten Cheese Bear
    Molten Cheese Bear
    Місяць tagasi

    I can't find urination Bob's channel or website. Did I spell it wrong? I now get why he is called that. It's because he's pissing his pants whenever a potential customer does risky things with him in the passenger seat.

  65. CAYMAN987
    Місяць tagasi

    Tyler.. the 356 is car you buy and love a keep for many years.. the opposite of what you do.

  66. John Tousseau
    John Tousseau
    Місяць tagasi

    My dad has a bright yellow Sprite. It's a head turner for sure. It's got a low throaty exhaust so it sounds much bigger than it is.

  67. David Bland
    David Bland
    Місяць tagasi

    1500cc motor cycle engine in the bug eyed thing would be awesome.

  68. sostareci
    Місяць tagasi

    Sounds like Hayabusa

  69. P Williams
    P Williams
    Місяць tagasi

    Who remembers when Hoovie used to get Hoopties ! Cars for around a couple of thousands of dollars, get them fixed and so on. Now it's $50,000+ cars, which we all can't afford and it's like having salt rubbed into your wound by Tyler :( I got hooked on his show years ago because of the Hoopties but this year I not so sure anymore :( Tyler seems to be getting ahead of himself and forgetting what cars made his channel popular :(

  70. Simon Rockman
    Simon Rockman
    Місяць tagasi

    I've driven both a 356 and a frog-eyed Sprite. I really couldn't see what the fuss was about the Porsche. It's great as an object and a piece of history but really pretty miserable to drive. The Sprite was *so* much fun. I'd love one, even with English weather.

  71. Gnome Whyte
    Gnome Whyte
    Місяць tagasi

    Man I can smell the estrogen coming through my screen.

  72. Crossed Rifles
    Crossed Rifles
    Місяць tagasi

    I have to admit it would be a blast to drive that car. But it’s just so slow you’re a hazard on the highway. Stay off them. Stick to the city streets. That’s where it would be fun to drive.

  73. lennartjakob
    Місяць tagasi

    I lived next to a guy with a 356 actual Race car til last year, i loved watching that thing drive past

  74. Chris's Fishes
    Chris's Fishes
    Місяць tagasi

    Urination Bob seems like a nice guy

  75. littlesmigger666
    Місяць tagasi

    Do spy a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo in the background there? Would love to know a bit more about the car.

  76. Mark Acevedo
    Mark Acevedo
    Місяць tagasi

    @3:30 uhh, is that a 911 cut in half and placed against the wall 😮 Also the Urination Bob thing makes me laugh more than it should 😂

  77. Skip Hartman
    Skip Hartman
    Місяць tagasi

    I thought he already bought this car on “Car Issues” his tv show.

  78. LOKI 2DB ENT
    Місяць tagasi

    Come buy my 1993 mercury Capri off me 🙏🏽 I need $

  79. MBrant
    Місяць tagasi

    I was admiring his 1970 split rear bumper MGB. I would love to have that bug-eye though.

  80. CC
    Місяць tagasi

    I've always loved the little frog-eyes. I've been lucky enough to own M-Powered BMWs, Porsches, Caterhams and Lotus. However, the little frog-eyes has always been part of my dream garage

  81. pip hudson
    pip hudson
    Місяць tagasi

    The first time I drove a “frogeye” as we call them in the U.K. I felt like I was 9 years old on the mini go-karts at a holiday park in Devon!!! It was a wonderful feeling if not bum numbing😀

  82. Darwinion
    Місяць tagasi

    You don't need big power to have fun.

  83. Blaze Roman
    Blaze Roman
    Місяць tagasi

    drinking game : take a shot everytime he says urination bob

  84. Shoegum
    Місяць tagasi

    wtf, 2000 dodge dakota for $27,500 ?!?!?!?!? jesus christ that's expensive

  85. Mark Haldane
    Mark Haldane
    Місяць tagasi

    Not a Bugeye. Its called a Frog eyed Sprite.

  86. Paul Cosentino
    Paul Cosentino
    Місяць tagasi

    That woody was being fixed for months. Did you even drive it more then the day you picked it up at wizards? Lol i wish i had your car problems

  87. herrbrahms
    Місяць tagasi

    I've watched what feel like hundreds of episodes of Hoovies Garage, and this one instantly became one of my favorites. It's every bit as fun as that little puppy Sprite.

  88. TheHorselemonade
    Місяць tagasi

    I bought a 73 MGB this summer yet to drive it but that's what $1500 worth of British car gets you

  89. Jack Jack
    Jack Jack
    Місяць tagasi

    Really enjoy these videos. Living vicariously through these guys. How fantastic would it be to have this kind of financial freedom?

  90. Terence Doherty
    Terence Doherty
    Місяць tagasi

    Of interest ?

  91. harrisla123456
    Місяць tagasi

    I drove a similar car in the early 1970's at sports car events in Panama. That is a 948cc with twin SU's. The bottom end is weak!! you must resist running the tach up over about 5000 to 5500 rpm max and only occasionally. Transmission and clutch if stock also will not take any abuse. Lucas electrics!!! need I say more!! But in the end a blast to drive and race!!! Have fun!!

  92. John Lavvas
    John Lavvas
    Місяць tagasi

    The bright glider habitually present because technician jekely succeed given a dreary radio. square, illustrious attention

  93. Tomek Tabaka
    Tomek Tabaka
    Місяць tagasi


  94. Tom_K
    Місяць tagasi

    I know we’ve met urination Bob before but he came across really well in this video 👍🏼 I’ll have to go check out his channel now.

  95. 609 964 Guy
    609 964 Guy
    Місяць tagasi

    Hoovie - enjoy all your vids and appreciate your knowledge. This is the first time you’ve messed up something that’s bugged me enough to comment - “Superformance” not “Super Performance”.

  96. jonnyares1
    Місяць tagasi

    Let’s see you LS swap the Sprite…

  97. GuitarAudiologist
    Місяць tagasi

    d'aww who's a happy boy? You are! (talking to the car, Hoovie. Wipe that drool from your chin.)

  98. Hoodoo Texas
    Hoodoo Texas
    Місяць tagasi

    The problem with that Country Squire was the paint. Something was not quite right with the color.

  99. George241312
    Місяць tagasi

    Elite miata

  100. Gnu Emacs
    Gnu Emacs
    Місяць tagasi

    Urination Bob ?