Was This Expensive FAKE Porsche Worth the 2 Year Wait? Subaru Powered Beck Spyder

36 000 Vaatamised 895 tuh

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  1. Taylor C
    Taylor C
    21 tund tagasi


  2. The car guy
    The car guy
    11 päeva tagasi

    So what car is that, a Beck?

  3. Christian Waller
    Christian Waller
    19 päeva tagasi

    This 550 is really a killer ...! Great Car

  4. Douglas Wright
    Douglas Wright
    Місяць tagasi

    try not to damage your cars. seems to be a habit Hoovy. I do like your content

  5. DM_Hater
    Місяць tagasi

    How many fucking cars do you have at this shop? What the hell?

  6. Robert Drake
    Robert Drake
    Місяць tagasi

    Larry and Curly with no Moe.

  7. Christine Ayres
    Christine Ayres
    2 місяці tagasi

    Hi Tyler have you ever thought of asking the BBC for a job on Top Gear ? as you would be perfect for that show

  8. Charlie Rosenthal
    Charlie Rosenthal
    2 місяці tagasi

    I went from being so happy for Tyler at the beginning to angry at him so quickly. He already broke the Spyder

  9. The Shelhamer Real Estate Group
    The Shelhamer Real Estate Group
    2 місяці tagasi

    Just ordered my Beck Spyder. So pumped for the car. Not looking forward to the two-year wait. @HooviesGarage thanks for the video!

  10. Forrest Iwaszewski
    Forrest Iwaszewski
    2 місяці tagasi

    Damn bro - that wizard did you like a bitch! Other than that - good video!!

  11. The Humanoid
    The Humanoid
    2 місяці tagasi

    yes.Its a naturally aspirated four cam flat four!!!!!Love it!Perfect homage to the 550 spyder's with the fuhrmann four cam carrera engines

  12. The Humanoid
    The Humanoid
    2 місяці tagasi

    that flat four sound is so beautiful. Any idiot thinking "imma swap an ls into that" is a moron. four cam Flat four=porsche spyder carrera(fuhrmann engine)

  13. The Humanoid
    The Humanoid
    2 місяці tagasi

    does it still have the turbo from the ej25 or is it a na conversion

  14. Ryan
    2 місяці tagasi

    After dropping 10k on your card driving home in that car would make you feel better. 😁

  15. Super.Sr
    2 місяці tagasi

    The exhaust note is so good! Is that Subaru or did it come with the kit??

  16. Premium Bigoted Gammon
    Premium Bigoted Gammon
    2 місяці tagasi

    It takes two years to get to the part where he shows the car!

  17. Gustave le Bon
    Gustave le Bon
    2 місяці tagasi

    Ivermectin helps against the dirty C

  18. Steve S.
    Steve S.
    2 місяці tagasi

    If you put the clamp on but don't tighten it, it will leak. Beginning to think the wizard ain't.

  19. Roger Jackson
    Roger Jackson
    2 місяці tagasi

    Subaru drivetrain?

  20. David Quinn
    David Quinn
    2 місяці tagasi

    ONLY $4000 for the Beck conversion? Lot of custom fitting to get that done and it fits perfectly with the radiator in front -- which is a better location than most rear or mid engine cars. And now you have a good rebuilt water cooled setup with a better weight distribution than the original, and more power. I don't know what you paid for the non-running 356, but the conversion was a great deal. Of all your crazy cars, that's one I wish I could have.

  21. Conrad Senior
    Conrad Senior
    2 місяці tagasi

    sounds great

  22. Bobby P
    Bobby P
    2 місяці tagasi

    love the car , Do you want to sell it?

  23. Neal Updike
    Neal Updike
    2 місяці tagasi

    I think I understand about mysterious Tyler Hoover: 1) When he was younger for a short time he was a car salesman. He did take a stab at college, liberal arts degree, I believe. 2) He had a short stint as a used car dealer. 3) His grandmother gave him a Mercedes 3) He tied in with a "fan boys' car show and was employed by them. 4) For another car show he traveled extensively purchasing cars to present on the show 5) As a result of #3 & #4 he gained some credibility so he could get car loans for used cars. 6) He now advertises on his website for a high end used car auction website 7) He advertises for a "manscape" razor company 8) His business model is to purchase old luxury cars and have the Wizard refresh them and try to flip them for a profit 9) Another part of the business model is You Tube income 9) He launched Car Wizard's You Tube presence. Wizard also benefits from the publicity for his Omega car shop--enough so he was able to purchase his enormous garage. 10) Hoover advertises himself right up front as the dumbest channel on You Tube. 11) Dumb, but cagey. He appeals to the aspirations of men who don't have them means but lust after highly depreciated old luxury and performance autos, cars which in the real wold make no sense for them to purchase. 12) Many of these guys, like myself, shake their heads, wondering why on earth he would bring these old, troublesome, impractical vehicles into their lives.

  24. OK Hamilton
    OK Hamilton
    2 місяці tagasi

    There are some folks who think that replicating James Dean''s "doomed" 550 Spyder might be an invitation for more bad luck

  25. Marc Lawrence
    Marc Lawrence
    2 місяці tagasi

    Ford - Sold! - lol - I can't see keepin that either.

  26. Jorge Chavira
    Jorge Chavira
    2 місяці tagasi

    Cars have the looks, but they always fail for some reason...disapointing

  27. forrest cain
    forrest cain
    2 місяці tagasi

    The early wagoneers had little screws, and plugs . Holds the curves and ends. That 360 will wake up with headers, intake and holley. Good distributor helps a lot. Mileage goes from 12 to 17,double the power.

  28. Tony Stewart
    Tony Stewart
    2 місяці tagasi

    More Beck Spyder footage please!

  29. Andrew Soupene
    Andrew Soupene
    2 місяці tagasi

    Are those all your cars in there?

  30. Mike Alba
    Mike Alba
    2 місяці tagasi

    Woah what a collection ! Your just as cool Jay too!

  31. Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas
    3 місяці tagasi

    That’s cheap considering all of the work that the Wizard did for you.👍🏻👍🏻

  32. ron burns
    ron burns
    3 місяці tagasi

    choose.... Hurst of Empi shifter. they are very worth the price!

  33. Timmy T
    Timmy T
    3 місяці tagasi

    @hoovie Are you ready to sell this yet ?

  34. John W. Browning
    John W. Browning
    3 місяці tagasi

    If you close your eyes this guy sounds like Jeff Goldblum..

  35. Wil Evans
    Wil Evans
    3 місяці tagasi

    It won't be even vaguely authentic, but a Scat 80500 shifter will make a huge improvement, as long as your shift rod bushing and shift coupler are in good shape.

  36. Newman Lord
    Newman Lord
    3 місяці tagasi

    Wizard should name his island Hoovie island.

  37. Ralph Percy
    Ralph Percy
    3 місяці tagasi

    Gods Judgment will be harsh with this guy. totally blinded with stuff and why are peopple watching this?

  38. Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole
    3 місяці tagasi

    Great car for a van give a way

  39. john soprych
    john soprych
    3 місяці tagasi

    I'll give you 10k for both of those cars :D

  40. Saul Santiago
    Saul Santiago
    3 місяці tagasi

    Jimmy Dean Little Bastard Still Rules!!!🤩😍🥰💪😎

  41. Christopherguzzi
    3 місяці tagasi

    What a cool car. I always loved the Porsche Eddie Murphy had in the movie 48 hours. I think it was a 356 Speedster. The closest I will come is my BMW Z3, which I think is great!! It's comfortable, a convertible, relatively cheap, easy to work on, super reliable, and cool looking with a wide rear end, long hood, and 007 styling.

  42. Werder Bremen
    Werder Bremen
    3 місяці tagasi

    You're American...stay one!!!🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  43. Werder Bremen
    Werder Bremen
    3 місяці tagasi

    YES...YES... YES.... Don't imitate British way's....

  44. Werder Bremen
    Werder Bremen
    3 місяці tagasi

    And stop saying YES you are NOT from ENGLAND.... YES!!!!🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  45. Werder Bremen
    Werder Bremen
    3 місяці tagasi

    The reason German cars don't work here... Is because you people won't do the maintenance... that's a dummy move!!🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  46. Werder Bremen
    Werder Bremen
    3 місяці tagasi

    Learn To speak German...🙄

  47. Werder Bremen
    Werder Bremen
    3 місяці tagasi

    It's Porscheeeeeeeeeee.... Not Porschaaaasss... God Damn!!!! I schould kkkknowee... I'm German.. you like me misspelling your words??? And misspronounsinggggg your words???🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  48. Kimi 22cm
    Kimi 22cm
    3 місяці tagasi

    Expencive toy for big boys!

  49. Jacquie Miller
    Jacquie Miller
    3 місяці tagasi

    The alleged army adventitiously fill because boy preferably hand following a fine lock. squealing, puny bottle

  50. Sandie Lanzillo
    Sandie Lanzillo
    3 місяці tagasi

    how much for the porce soup to nuts all in why would u leave that out . you seem so proud that u have money why not share the real cost of the pource

  51. Arlen Burgin
    Arlen Burgin
    3 місяці tagasi

    I love this channel, but good Lord not a single car gets fixed the first time. I would never take my car to Omega Auto. Thumbs down. Get your shit together

  52. Peter
    3 місяці tagasi


  53. John Vanlindingham
    John Vanlindingham
    3 місяці tagasi

    Blew the headgaskets on my Subaru 2 times second time warped the block this happened summer in tampabay Florida after car was warm put ac on and pow new motor time,while the performance of the car was impressive don't think I'll do it again

  54. John Vanlindingham
    John Vanlindingham
    3 місяці tagasi

    Man you have a peshin rugg under you're cars

  55. John Haakman
    John Haakman
    3 місяці tagasi

    That looks like the most boring place in the US to drive a car, maybe that's why he puts most of them at his local garage, ha, ha, just kidding, great channel, the guy must be worth a fortune, to play with so many toys.

  56. D Gartrell
    D Gartrell
    3 місяці tagasi

    I'll take it if you don't want it.

  57. scott moore
    scott moore
    3 місяці tagasi

    This is basically a restomod Porsche of the kind that James Dean got killed in.

  58. Pickle Supply Company Yep!
    Pickle Supply Company Yep!
    3 місяці tagasi

    Beck makes cool cars. This was a smart person move. I wish Beck would figure out a way to drop an ev motor in this car so we could see if survive a few more decades. The spyder looks like a car that makes a persons heart swell, probably drives like a less safe miata, and honestly doesnt have much too it to be the pain in the ass that traditional cool cars are to car guys.

  59. Lucky Goose
    Lucky Goose
    3 місяці tagasi

    You need to pass out like that with every bill the wizard gives you.

  60. MadMojo97
    3 місяці tagasi

    I feel like if Tyler passes out due to bills he doesn't get his own channel.

  61. Robert Laing
    Robert Laing
    3 місяці tagasi

    Well worth the money! I want one!

  62. Robert Laing
    Robert Laing
    3 місяці tagasi

    Beautiful and awesome!

  63. Andy Bush
    Andy Bush
    3 місяці tagasi

    Honestly for all that work, I don't think that bill was too bad. For sure a fascinating video.

  64. Floppy Tain
    Floppy Tain
    3 місяці tagasi

    You have the BEST job in the world. Getting cars fixed like money money is no problemo.

  65. Rick Steel
    Rick Steel
    3 місяці tagasi

    You should have painted it silver and painted "Little Bastard" in black across the rear deckled. Alec Guinness Told James Dean "you will Die in a Week in this car." Before It Happened.

  66. docdurdin
    3 місяці tagasi

    Tyler.. Remember that you are NOT James Dean... That is literally a killer car.

  67. Michael McNeil
    Michael McNeil
    3 місяці tagasi

    Sterio was it named for its use?

  68. Matthew Asaro
    Matthew Asaro
    3 місяці tagasi

    is the 550 for sale anytime soon?

  69. Joseph Seelye
    Joseph Seelye
    3 місяці tagasi

    cable drawn shifters are a common thing for a 550 and the shifting becomes very crisp, I'm a private mechanic for somebody who has 2 of these one is a 2180cc vw engine with about 160 hp makes any v8 sound quiet, and one with a Subaru engine with about 300transaxle

  70. shumpie41
    3 місяці tagasi

    too reliable, must sell at huge loss

  71. Skiboot Dier
    Skiboot Dier
    3 місяці tagasi

    That little Spyder is so cool! If I get one, I'd invest in a small, but tasteful roll-bar..

  72. Patrick Mckinney
    Patrick Mckinney
    3 місяці tagasi

    Hoovie you inspired me I just uploaded a video about the cheapest VW Mk2 golf in America

  73. rrs
    3 місяці tagasi

    Dude's got the reverse Midas touch

  74. Geforce RTX
    Geforce RTX
    3 місяці tagasi

    Hoovie goes down. Wizard performs open wallet surgery.

  75. Badledgend117
    3 місяці tagasi

    If it's anything like the Mercedes SL500 that Hot Rod Garage worked on, just 2J swap the Mercedes!

  76. Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds
    3 місяці tagasi

    I don’t know if it’s the same in America but here in australia we call it “passion fingers” cause everything you touch gets f*cked lol

  77. Keith Newton
    Keith Newton
    3 місяці tagasi

    What the F is hoop dee engine?

  78. Slick Andrews
    Slick Andrews
    3 місяці tagasi

    Hoov.... Just be VERY WARY of oncoming, lowered black and white '50 Ford Tudors turning left across your path...😐

  79. Cathryn Mataga
    Cathryn Mataga
    3 місяці tagasi

    This is the one human on the planet, the fake spider is a good value. Just don't roll that thing, you will die.

  80. Mike Leys
    Mike Leys
    3 місяці tagasi

    Love it. V Jealous

  81. Giancarlo Cininni
    Giancarlo Cininni
    3 місяці tagasi

    Honestly, Hoovie makes me really gain more respect for Kansas and its folks. Seems like a nice fair place.

  82. jaws978
    4 місяці tagasi

    some youtube genius gotta enlighten me on why wiring power steering on stereo circuit? Not my car and I still feel a kind of way

  83. Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver
    4 місяці tagasi

    We need more content with this car lol

  84. operator six
    operator six
    4 місяці tagasi

    nice color!.

  85. Belle Panacek
    Belle Panacek
    4 місяці tagasi

    If he calls an ambulance what are the odds it breaks down on the way to the hospital?

  86. Belle Panacek
    Belle Panacek
    4 місяці tagasi

    Not to be a wise ass but have you ever finished a ride without problems? Do you get a volume discount at triple A?

  87. B Me
    B Me
    4 місяці tagasi

    I wonder if I could drive one of those from Indiana to California and miss any thunderstorms.

  88. Stephane Le Balier
    Stephane Le Balier
    4 місяці tagasi

    hello i wonder if the Subaru boxer is cool refresh ? water cooling

  89. Damien Film
    Damien Film
    4 місяці tagasi

    I would car collect old cars but there's only 47 years left of Oil in the world. I'll just stick with Tesla's

  90. Gregory Perkins
    Gregory Perkins
    4 місяці tagasi

    Have you seen the coupes beck makes

  91. Somebody Stupid
    Somebody Stupid
    4 місяці tagasi

    He couldn't test-drive his was outta a Yugo and this is a new car. Maybe just maybe he won't blow this brand new engine up. Why is he not wearing a dress by now and calling herself Karen. I'm mean come on this is completely bullshit and he is so so gay .😔😔😔😔

  92. Somebody Stupid
    Somebody Stupid
    4 місяці tagasi

    Can he James Dean that car already. What a waste of space.

  93. Tete
    4 місяці tagasi

    Great car.

  94. Everything Trending
    Everything Trending
    4 місяці tagasi

    Just turn down the volume on the radio

  95. Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    4 місяці tagasi

    The fleetwood’s purple kinda looks brown

  96. Terence Jones
    Terence Jones
    4 місяці tagasi

    LMFAO at Wizard "Well before you pass away gimme that" (grabs Credit Card ASAP)

  97. nik stoun
    nik stoun
    4 місяці tagasi

    I’m getting some Nikolas Cage vibes from Hoovie sometimes.

  98. Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
    4 місяці tagasi

    This sounds amazing

  99. Chris Francis
    Chris Francis
    4 місяці tagasi

    What a nob👎

  100. Justgot Ohm
    Justgot Ohm
    4 місяці tagasi

    Wow, how much fun is that Beck, Bravo!! I had a Grand Wagoneer at a very young age, when they weren’t 30k, mine was cream and wood.